Listen, when a dude is hungry...or "hangry" sometimes you just gotta let him be.

Midlothian Police Department officers arresting twenty six year old Stephanie Miller after she became VERY violent at an El Burrito Loco restaurant and kicked her boyfriends ass in the bathroom. Let's rewind the story briefly so it has the proper set up. SG

Fábio Alves

There was plenty of booze involved, I know that seems like a shocker. The boyfriend of the Mike Tyson wanna be Matthew Slattery, told authorities that the happy couple was at Sullivan’s Irish Pub where the drunken Stephanie started THROWING SANDWICHES.

Mae Mu

So the lovebirds made their way across the street to El Burrito Loco to have a nice, peaceful dinner. Mathew excused himself and entered the men's restroom, the sandwich throwing, drunk girlfriend followed...

Olivier Collet

Stephanie walked in and STARTED TAKING OFF HER CLOTHES, at the El Burrito Loco men's room at demanded that her boyfriend have sex with her. Mathew declined the offer by Stephanie, and she saw red. She attacked poor Mathew WHILE HE WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM! Banging his head off the wall!

Help Stay

Cops arrive, a heavily intoxicated Stephanie was sitting on the bathroom floor. Oh, cops also found a bottle or prescription pain meds that didn't belong to her, in her purse.

Midlothian Police Department

Stephanie was charged with domestic battery and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Dude just wanted a burrito, and got his ass kicked while he was trying to take a leak.

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Say cheese, Illinois!