Today is a sad, hard day for me. And when that happens, I need to write from my heart. This is the first true time I'm experiencing this, but it's something that everyone goes through at some point. It's a grief that makes you stop in your tracks.

Last night, I lost my beloved childhood pet and best friend. I've lost pets before, but Theo and I were the closest and this loss hit me hard. We were ALWAYS attached at the hip -- whether I was napping, sitting in the recliner and watching TV, reading or grabbing a snack in the kitchen.

I literally would tell people, if soulmates are real I know that dog is one of mine.

Even in the worst of times when I felt like life was "crumbling," Theo was always there and would cuddle with me while I cried. Not kidding, his fur would get wet from my tears.

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Since 5th grade, he has been my greatest companion and best friend. He would even lay on the bathmat while I was showering (by demand, he would literally break into the bathroom.)

He loved me at my best and worst, and there is no amount of words I can say to express how grateful I am for that.

To Anyone Who's Recently Lost a Family Pet

Pets ARE family members, no doubt about it. If losing one is something you're going through too, I'm so sorry. It truly leaves a void in your life that can feel hard to fill. Parents, siblings or even people you're dating don't love you the way a pet can. None of them wag their tails and freak out when they hear you open the front door. (I mean that in the most kind and humble of ways, they still love you too haha!)

I'm a firm believer that pets teach us what it's like to be truly loved by someone. I also think they're the purest of pure and don't live long enough for the amount of Lord's work that they do.

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If you're a bit of a wreck too from it, that's OK. I'm not too proud to say I am. I'm scared to even go home because of how different it's going to be. Things won't be the same, but I know we're going to be alright and get through it. You're not alone.

And to Theo --- I love you more than words can say and I always will. Thank you for everything.

Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams

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