The dollars coming in to the state from Illinois residents buying legal recreational marijuana continue to rise month-over-month, and sales to those across state borders are really jumping.

We talked recently about how the August money numbers for legal weed sales in Illinois hit a new record in August, coming in at around $64 million for what's called "total adult-use cannabis sales."

How those sales split between Illinoisans and visitors from across our borders shows just how much business from other states is affecting Illinois' bottom line.

Case in point: of the nearly $64 million in August sales, $17.2 million was in "out-of-state resident sales." That's nearly double the $8.6 million in out-of-state sales back in January. Local Illinoisans are not doubling up their purchases month-over-month, but those who are willing to take a road-trip across the border into Illinois seem to really be stocking up.

In case you were wondering, buying recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois, but...taking it back across state lines is entirely illegal. And Illinois' record-keepers say that they don't know how much of the stuff is hauled back to neighboring states.

One source with Indiana State Police said they make cannabis arrests, but didn't disclose any other details, like whether the cannabis came from Illinois.

Messages seeking reaction from Missouri State Police weren't returned Wednesday, but online arrest reports for the St. Louis area, which is minutes from a cannabis dispensary in Collinsville, show several arrests in the past few days for either a wax cannabis product or for being caught with at least 28 grams or more of cannabis, though no indication if it's coming from Illinois.



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