How do you handle a home that is divided by their love for different sports teams?

In some homes in Illinois, you'll find splits between baseball teams close to home like Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, or dare I say St. Louis Cardinals.

Basketball and hockey don't seem as divided in homes here in Illinois but surely there are some split homes when it comes to being fans.

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Perhaps the golden division in the home comes down to football.

Why is this? Could it be because of the length of the season and the level of fandom squeezed into a few months of the year? Could it be the close proximity between teams?

I ask this because of a vehicle spotted rolling around the area with two rival teams from the same division on one car?

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

I saw this and thought, "well how does that work?" If it were my family it would take Jesus being in the same room for us to not start hurling insults and nearest objects at one another.

I don't know whose vehicle that is but I needed answers from people I know.

I asked something relative to this on Facebook last night prior to one of the longest and most intense rivalries in professional sports.

For those of you with fans of rival teams in the same home, how do you handle it?

How do homes like this function?

deep fried spicy barbecue chicken thighs isolated on white

Steve Shannon, of 97ZOK, who has a family that is split between two football rivals, shared how they handle the rivalry.

We handle it with the right amount of sarcasm and air fryer snacks.

depressed man on bed with hand on head at bedroom

I know I’m going to lose. (Wife) knows not to rub it in my face.

That's from my cousin and knowing his wife, I can picture her throwing a few slick sports-related verbal daggers on occasion.

Zoonar RF

A lot of smack talking. And it’s loud.

... which I assume happens in more homes than not.

Gianluca Rasile

I control the remote.

The above comment came from the husband, so we know the truth... he doesn't.

Foot massage

We normally wager something small- foot rub/who's doing dishes, etc. normally I gloat wearing my green while he’s rubbing my feet.

Can you guess the two team stickers on that SUV?

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

How does that work? How can they have a Chicago Bears and a Green Bay Packers sticker on the same car?

As a Chicago Bears fan I've made a few bets for Bears/Packers and the last being 2012 I believe. I won that bet and the person I bet against is lucky the photo of him wearing that beautiful Bears jersey isn't readily available.

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