You might want to keep these sweet treats away from your kids until the caused of the illness is determined. (Updated 12/07/16)


UPDATE: Authorities told Chicago Tribune they believe the gummy bears

may have contained a marijuana-oil-type substance, though that has not been confirmed.



A dozen students from Naperville North High School were taken to the hospital Monday after eating gummy bears. The Chicago Tribune reported authorities saying the candy was tainted with another substance. This is still an active investigation.

Gummy Bears

A press release from Naperville Community Unit School District 203 said the students felt uncomfortable and sick, as well as these symptoms.

"Their symptoms include fast heart rate, dizziness and dry mouth, or some combination of those,"


No word yet on what the other substance is, specifically, but it is being investigated at the school. Authorities also told Chicago Tribune there are leads to where the candy came from and a possible substance.


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