If you believe in life on other planets and in other galaxies you might be suspect about only spotting UFOs in October. Based on a variety of reports it is a fact that people report spotting unidentified flying objects year round. For whatever reason, most of the reports happen in October and Illinois is one of the top states for sighting a UFO.

How Many UFO Reports Have They

UFO sightings, a.k.a.unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) have skyrocketed over the last few years, especially in the United States. In 2021, the Navy intelligence's military database revealed more than143 sightings. In 2022 (so far), the number jumped to a whopping 400, according to Rolling Stone. That's a significant jump from year to year.

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Do you believe in alien lifeforms or living creatures in outer space? I can't say that I do but I can't argue against the theory. If you think about the big picture, you and I are floating on a rock in space. It's like the opening credits of How The Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey. The camera shot zooms in on a tiny snow flake that is actually a tiny planet. That's us except were on a rock.

Comedian Pete Holmes explains it best.

How Many UFO Sightings Have There Been In 2022 So Far?

A spokesperson for Travel Lens said states with the most reported UFO sightings are visiting if life in outer space is your jam. They also revealed the number of alleged sightings in 2022 worldwide and it's astounding.

There have been almost 5,000 reports worldwide this year and counting, which shows that there is still a very clear belief in UFOs.

There's a database with every report of UFO sightings going back decades, which is how this Travel Lens put this list together.

Top 10 States With The Most UFO Reports

California has the top spot for the most total number of UFO sightings in America (15,457), it almost doubles #2 on the list, which is Florida (7,790). Here is the rest of the top 10.

3. Washington: 6885
4. Texas: 5805
5. New York: 5618
6. Pennsylvania: 4769
7. Arizona: 4735
8. Ohio: 4244
9. Illinois: 4111
10. Michigan: 3485

Fascinating Rabbit Hole: The UFO Sightings Breakdown

The National UFO Reporting Center Online Database gives you access to UFO reports based on when they happened, which state, the UFO's shape, and more. Check it all out here.

[h/t Travel Lens]

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Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

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