When I need UFO coverage, I head to Reddit. It's my one and only source for all things Unidentified Flying Object.

Somehow, whatever the thing that was spotted along the Illinois-Wisconsin state line less than two weeks ago counts as a UFO.

UFO off country road.
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Maybe because it's unidentified, and flying, and more than likely some kind of object.

OK, sorry. I'm working this all out in my head as I try to understand exactly what this thing might be.


Before you blow it off, the top comment on the video is "one of the better videos I've seen. it is exactly what I've seen many times before."

What "exactly" that is, I have no idea.

Anyway, the video was posted to Reddit on September 1, titled Possible UFO in Illinois tonight (9-1-21) Strange flash at end:

I took this tonight (9-1-21) just west of Rockford, IL. I went to get something out of my truck and noticed something strange flying in the sky. It disappeared and then I saw another one so I took out my phone and got this recording. There is a strange flash at the end.

If you think it's a bunch of malarkey, another Reddit user did corroborate their story:

I can confirm I saw this. We were heading north on I-39. Started seeing the lights around Westfield, WI and they continued until Coloma, WI.

So if two people saw the same thing, is there a chance it's a UFO or maybe something else entirely?

UFO landing in the forest meadow.
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Then there's this from someone else on Reddit:

A plane, satellite. The flash at the end isn't a flash. That's just the camera being moved quickly from right to left.

UFO, plane, or satellite? What do you think it is?

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