The internet, and myself, is freaking out over these mysterious lights seen flying in Chicago, Illinois. Buckle up because I don't think even I was prepared to see this.

I'll confess to being a bit addicted to TikTok. This morning, I didn't expect this to be something that I'd find happening in Chicago, but apparently, it is. If UFO and alien talk interests you, get ready!

Creepy Lights Fly In A Line Over Chicago: Could It Be Aliens?

I consistently check out an entire feed on TikTok about Illinois UFO Sightings. I'm a big believer in aliens and pretty much any conspiracy theory about them. But, if I'm being honest, it's not exactly a belief that I'd like to be confirmed before my eyes. You know? I'm OK believing at a distance.

I saw this video that happened in Chicago in December and it gave me chills. Check it out...


@sadiestarfamily5 UFO flying over Chicago December 13, 2024 #2023 #ufo #fyp #viralvideo ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound

I laughed at the guy walking and staring, cuz that's exactly where I would not want to be in that moment. Nor would I want to be the person filming. He seems way more chill than me because I would immediately be sprinting. Or maybe be paralyzed in fear, who knows? I took a still for a closer look...


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It's the fact that they were all in a line that freaks me out the most. How is that normal? And if you watch the video, they're slowly moving too.

But this isn't Illinois' first rodeo when it comes to potential. experiences with aliens. Check out this abandoned government agency in Illinois with FBI files talking about aliens!

Abandoned Illinois Government Research Facility

What's found in this abandoned Illinois government building will haunt your nightmares.

Gallery Credit: Olivia Williams

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