Several sightings of UFOs over the skies in Illinois to end 2021.

Unexplained Lights In The Sky

Have you ever seen something strange in the sky? I am talking about an object that is not normal. The kind of event you can not explain. I personally have never had that experience but I have heard plenty of stories from people who have. Witnesses claim it was a UFO.


Do You Believe In Aliens?

If you see something unusual in the sky, the explanation will depend on your belief. A witness who believes in aliens will definitely think it is a UFO. A "non" believer will have a logical answer for what it really is. Most of the time, you lean one way or another. There really is not any middle ground.

Abstract illustration of a shooting star, meteor.

UFO Sightings Come In Bunches

Have you ever noticed that UFO sightings usually come in bunches? There could be several in the same area or multiple sightings during the same timeframe. It seems like when aliens make an appearance they really want some attention.


UFOs Spotted In Illinois

Recently, Illinois has become some sort of hotbed for UFOs. Over the last few weeks of 2021, several witnesses have captured videos of unusual lights in the skies over our state.

Ufo flying at night

Recent Videos Of UFO Sightings In Illinois

  • (WARNING LANGUAGE) UFOs and a portal in the sky - Chicago, Illinois (12/30/21)
  •  UFO captured on security camera in Illinois 2021 (12/29/21)
  • UFO over Illinois December 21, 2021, 4 am at 5,000 or 10,000 feet 
  • UFO over Bourbonnais Parkway (Illinois) December 19th 
  • Illinois sighting, UFO, or geese? (12/12/21)
  • Real UFO sighting in a Decatur Illinois (12/3/21)

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