It's dangerous, of course, to be a reckless driver. And here in Illinois there's a better chance than almost anywhere else in the country that you'll face a strict punishment if caught.

According to a new study by, Illinois was found to be tied for second in the U.S. as the toughest on speeders and reckless drivers.

The full results and methodology can be found at Here's an interactive map of the most and least strict states:

Source: WalletHub

In Illinois, traveling at more than 30 mph over the limit is automatically considered reckless driving. The state has one of the highest fines for first-time reckless driving at $2,500.

  • The average maximum cost of a ticket for reckless driving is $742, with the lowest being $100 (in Kentucky, Mississippi and New Mexico) and the highest at approximately $5,000 (Washington).
  • Almost half (49 percent) of states do not automatically cite drivers for reckless driving based on a specific speed threshold or a specific number of mph over the limit.
  • Nearly a third (29 percent) of states use speed cameras to automatically catch and fine speeding drivers.

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