Want to go to the Cubs playoff game? There's still some tickets available but you better have some cash. 

Of course it all depends on where you want to sit. Don't care if you even sit? You just want to be in the building. The it's standing room only.

Cubs Standing

That's going to run you about $81. Not horrible but remember, you're standing the whole game.

Alright, you want a seat but don't care where. What's the cheapest seat you can get?

Cubs Cheap Seat

That's going to be an extra 50 bucks, bringing the total to $130. Good news is you're sitting. Bad news is that you might as well be on a rooftop. These are pretty bad seats.

So you want to sit down and not need binoculars to see first base. What's that going to cost you?

Cubs Normal Seat

Shockingly not that much more. An extra 20 dollars and you've gone from the nosebleeds to under the upper deck behind first base. At $150 a piece, these are probably the best value.

Don't want to sit with the commoners? You have money to spend and want to get close. What's the most you can spend?

Cubs Expensive

The answer to that would be about 20 times what the normal seat would cost. For $3,750 you can sit close enough to smell Willson Contreas, if you're into that sort of thing.

I've been lucky enough to sit in those seats before. They are AWESOME! I'm not sure if they're four thousand dollars worth of awesome but then again I'm nowhere near rich.

If you need to find me during the game just check my couch.

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