We've just passed Mother's Day, and Father's Day will be here before you know it (June 21st). Buying gifts for dad is decidedly different than buying for mom, as many of you already know. Forget the ties! I think I speak for most dads when I say that we would rather be hosed down (as shown above) than add another necktie to our already burgeoning collection.

No, what we're looking for is cool technological gadgetry (perhaps I'm speaking just for myself, but I don't think so), something cutting edge, something with a "wow factor." However, we know that in many cases, we, the dads, are paying for our own presents, so we don't want to break our own bank.

Here are a few items that, according to my completely unofficial, unscientific survey, would make dad happy:

Sure, we could just look to our smartphone, TV, radio, newspaper, or even window to see what the weather is, but why do that when there's The Tempescope, a little box that recreates the current weather conditions right inside our own homes?

Maybe dad is the outdoor type. A golfer, in particular. Sure, you could get him some new clubs, shoes, or golf equipment of some sort. Why do that when you can let dad re-live his days as a super-cool skateboarder? All while playing golf at the same time! Your dad could be like Tony Hawk with a 5-iron!

For the dad who really wants something to follow him around, recording his every move (in case he does something really awesome, as dads often do), you could get him a dog with a GoPro camera attached to its collar...or, you could go for the Lily Camera. In case the price-point is a bit high, you could give it to him away from home so he can say to mom "It followed me home...can I keep it?

I'll try to feature more cool things that I really want your dad might love for Father's Day in the coming weeks.