For those of us old enough to remember when TV wasn't high-definition, I think most would agree that one of the best things to ever happen to professional hockey is the awesome clarity of hi-def. Unlike when I was a kid, when it was difficult at times to find the puck (assuming you were lucky enough to find a game on TV to begin with), with today's TVs you can not only find it, but you can see it bounce, roll on its side, etc.

It's also pretty nice to be in this area to enjoy the incredible success of the Chicago Blackhawks and our hometown Rockford Ice Hogs. Three Stanley Cups and counting, with players who played right here in the Forest City making a big impact, it's a great time to be a hockey fan.

For those who appreciate a skills demonstration, you might enjoy this one, as the NHL has teamed up with GoPro to give you a look at some pretty amazing moves by the game's best players: