By now, most of us are familiar with the story of the innocent motorist who was shot and critically wounded when he and his wife were caught in the crossfire during a gang-related shootout near Longwood and Rural earlier this month. What you might not know is that they really need some help.

I got an email yesterday from our friend George Schaffner, general manager at Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall:

Please help us get out the word on this.  Dick Griffin was a retired delivery driver for us , and a well-known resident of Rockford.  He was the innocent bystander that was shot by gang violence on April 5th.  He is still fighting for his life, and needs our help.  His family is financially distraught and needs help with the climbing bills as well as future needs. They need everything from the basics to support. Let’s take the next step in the story and help out this deserving family.  This should be important to all of us.  We help our own.

George joined us this morning on the WROK Morning Show to tell us about Dick Griffin, his background--including the fact that he served our country in Vietnam--and what we can all do to help Dick and his family move forward after this horrible incident:

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