Tickets for the 2018 Cub season go on sale this Friday. What days should you target to get ahold of the best giveaways? Let's take a look. 

I love the Cubs but even they strike out sometimes. So here's a look at some of the better ones and a few that didn't quite hit the mark.


April 9 vs. Pirates - Cubs magnet schedule. While these aren't the most useful things in the world now that everyone has a smartphone, they're cool to throw up on the fridge to show your colors.

April 14 vs. Braves - Cubs Hooded Pullover. Count me in. Quality probably won't be the best, but a hoodie is a hoodie.

Cubs Hoodie

April 27 vs. Brewers - Cubs Fleece Blanket. Games can still be chilly in late April. Plus you could always use another fleece blanket.

Cubs Fleece

April 28 vs. Brewers - "Dancing Bullpen" Tumbler. One of the more fun traditions started by the Cubs last year. I'd drink out of this all summer.

Cubs Tumbler

May 11 vs. White Sox - Willson Contreras Bobblehead. A White Sox game AND a bobblehead of one of the Cubs most electric young players? Yes please.

May 22 vs. Indians - Cubs Cap-shaped Umbrella. This might be my favorite of the year. First off that's just a cool looking umbrella. Second, that's a great way to honor the Cubs 2016 World Series foes but referencing the rain delay that essentially turned Game 7 around. A MUST HAVE!!

Cubs Umbrella

June 6 vs. Phillies - Wrigley Field Scoreboard Clock. This would be the perfect addition to an office or rec room. Only complaint is that the Wintrust logo is a little obtrusive, but you get what you pay for (free.)

Cubs Clock

July 23 vs. Diamondbacks - Javy Baez Bobblehead. Don't want this bobblehead, need this bobblehead. I'd make it tag everyone at the station.

July 24 vs. Diamondbacks - 79 Cubs Replica Jersey. I'm not a jersey guy but this one is pretty cool.

Cubs replica

August 3 vs. Padres - Cubs Umbrella Hat. Now they didn't provide any pictures for this one but I'm assuming it will look like this.

Senior PGA Championship - Round Three
Getty Images

Stupid? Absolutely. Something that would be fun to wear in the bleachers and then lose at the bar after the game? Definitely.

The Bad

April 15 vs. Braves. Cubs Athletic Socks. Call me old but I'm not digging the current trend of young kids wearing tall socks with shorts. I just don't think it's a good look. Keep in mind this is a personal list. You can keep these.

Cubs Socks

June 8 vs Pirates - Cubs Tank Top. This could again just be my age but when I think of the type of person that would wear this I break out in hives.

Cubs Tank

June 10 vs. Pirates - Cubs Echo Microphone. Who thought this was a good idea? If you don't think parents will "accidentally" "lose" this on the way home I don't know what to tell you. Who would really want this in a house with someone under the age of 10?

Cubs Microphone

Might be good, might be bad

June 18 vs. Dodgers - Jason Heyward Bobblehead. This all depends on the kind of year Heyward is having. Anything like the past two seasons and you won't be able to sell these for a dollar on Ebay. However, a respectable start of the season could make them a keepsake. Stay tuned and Go Cubs!!

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