If you're looking for a ringer to join your trivia night team, you're going to want to befriend Maryanne. 

WREX - Theyerl's dreams came true after a long wait. Nearly two years ago, she took an online test to be on the game show and was called in for an interview. She thought she did well but didn't hear anything back from Jeopardy until just last month when they told her she made onto the show.

I think we've all fantasied at one time or another about being on Jeopardy! I've had a long eternal debate about what story I'd tell Alex during the first round. I want to come across as a common man, so maybe a drinking story? Don't want to come across as irresponsible but Alex looks like the kind of guy who could relate.

Maryanne took the traditional route to getting on the show. She took the online test, which you can sign up for here, and then was called for an interview. I've taken the online test before and did alright. I haven't pulled the trigger on taking the official test but Maryanne has given me some new found confidence. The next official online test is March 6th. Maybe I can memorize all of England's royalty by then (royalty questions have always been a weak spot for me.)

Maryanne's show will air May 31st. She can't reveal how she did because if she did Alex himself will hunt her down. No matter how she did, we're very proud of Maryanne for representing the Stateline well.

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