The booths in Rockford's newest downtown restaurant look comfy enough to sleep in.

For real though, those are the fanciest seats I've ever seen in a restaurant!

I will be a little nervous the first time I go there that I will spill!

Capital House, which honestly I thought was going to just be a coffee shop when we first heard about it, is set to open this week in downtown Rockford.

The restaurant looks like it belongs is a very expensive Chicago hotel, but nope, it's ours.

Capital House is in a familiar location for most of us, taking the old Kyrptonite location at 308 West State Street and on Facebook is described as having, 'more culinary credibility than any other restaurant in town with our 3 resident Chefs. From globally inspired dishes to creative, urban cuisine, the team works passionately to please every palate.

The menu includes amazingly delicious sounding Martinis (starburst for me, please) as well as soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, sushi and breakfast.

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