Normally, I don't care about the Pro Bowl. I still don't really, but this would be cool if it can happen. 

Before we get too far into this, head over to the Pro Bowl voting site and click on Robinson's name.

James Robinson, the Lutheran and Illinois State grad, is having an unbelievable rookie season for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robinson has not only had a great season by rookie standards, he is just straight out having a great season. He currently ranks 5th in the NFL in rushing yards:

He's handsomely rewarded any fantasy football players that had the foresight to add him to their team.

He's also drawing national attention for being the basketball version of his fellow Rockfordian, Fred VanVleet.

VanVleet's journey isn't over but he already has a championship and is about to sign a MAJOR contract. It's still early for Robinson but he sees the path, he just needs to follow his blockers.

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