Not really the sort of story they tell you about during "Shark Week," but according to a couple of guys in Newfoundland are being credited with saving the life of a Greenland shark.

The men were driving by a harbor when they saw what they thought was a beached whale. However, upon closer inspection, they realized it was not a whale, but a rarely-seen Greenland shark...and it was choking on a big chunk of moose (c'mon, we've all had that happen at one time or another!).


"A couple yanks and it just came right out."

The two men then set about getting the shark back in the water.

Ball tied a rope around the shark's tail, and Chaulk got ready to push.

"He pulled the rope, and I pushed with my boot," said Chaulk, "and between the two of us we got him out into deeper water."

Chaulk said the shark lay in about 30 cm of water for a few minutes.

"Then all of a sudden, the water started coming out of his gills and he started breathing."

Perhaps this makes Scot and I bad people, but we pretty much agreed that of all the creatures we might try to save from choking, a shark comes in near the bottom of the list. Even the rarely-seen Greenland shark.

More can be found on the story can be found at the CBC's website.


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