I guess this week has been a sort of warm-up act for "Shark Week." Yesterday, I posted the video of two paddleboarders who encountered several great white sharks while off the coast of California (ICYM, click here), and of course, there have been several shark attacks off the coast of North Carolina this week, bringing their summer shark attack total to 7 people.

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks. Today, we take a look at an up close and personal encounter had by a woman named Hillary Rae, who was visiting South Africa a few days ago.

If Hillary was looking for great footage, she got it. If she was looking to have the life scared out of her while she captured the great footage...well, she got that, too. Big time.

Having never rented a shark cage before, I'm curious...do you have to pay a damage deposit in case the cage gets a little "gnawed on?"

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