Let's not talk about what happened after this. 

Before I started working in radio I used to sling wings for Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a GREAT time working for B-Dubs, the one downside was that we always had to work the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday was our busiest day of the year by a mile. We doubled up the capacity of the kitchen and orders were carefully spaced out to make sure we could handle the insane amount of take out orders. And all that was on top of the people that actually came out to the restaurant to watch the game. There weren't many people coming in to watch the game, but we still had to take care of them.

I remember exactly where I was when this happened. I was running a tray of wings (I believe it was a dozen Spicy Garlic) to a table in the bar. Hester caught the ball when I walked into the bar and had scored by the time I got to the table. The people at the table weren't big football fans, so their excitement was pretty muted. I think I said something like "That was pretty cool." Then I went back to the kitchen to run more food out to the dining room.

That's how I remember one of the greatest moments in Bear history. I'm sure your experience might differ slightly.

It is also related to one of the weirdest bets on this year's Super Bowl.

Someone bet $10K that the opening kickoff will NOT be returned for a TD. He will win $200 if it does not happen. Probably a sure thing, but that's a weird one to take.

I'm actually glad I had to work through the game. I probably would have thought that the Bears were going to win the game after the Hester return. They did not.

The Sporting News recently ranked the QB matchups of all 55 Super Bowls. The Rex Grossman/ Peyton Manning matchup came in as the 29th best matchup, which is pretty generous as far as I'm concerned. They ranked them above Manning/Newton, Bradshaw/Tarkenton, Simms/Elway, and Foles/Brady. The matchup of Jim McMahon and Tony Eason ranked #51, only edging out Roethlisberger/Hasselbeck, Flacco/Kaepernick, (Brad) Johnson/Gannon, and Dilfer/Collins.

One word to describe Bear quarterbacks? Woof.


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