As a content writer, I can admit the struggles of coming up with a good headline. Is it accurate? Is there a good adjective in there? Does it tell enough of the story without revealing everything? Those are some of the questions that come into my head.

I can't imagine being a bonafide journalist and having to come up with similar ideas several times a day. Sometimes I'll read a headline and think, "Hmmm, they must not have been able to come up with a good idea." Creative fatigue is a real thing.

Shocked and surprised boy on the internet with laptop computer
Brian A Jackson

One particular article caught my eye this week and it's related to quite an achievement in a fire department in Illinois.

Congratulations, Chief Hyser

Belvidere, Illinois Fire Department Fire Chief Al Hyser is retiring after 27 years with the department. That's quite an accomplishment!

What better way to share the big news than with a great unexpected headline. Eyewitness News' choice of words has many of our inner 12-year-old shining bright for a moment.

Belvidere Fire Chief hangs up his hose

I saw it, chuckled, felt bad, and scrolled on. It was really hard not to comment with a joke. Then, that "you're so immature" self-reflecting moment disappeared after I saw a few other people share the article.

They too noticed the seemingly inadvertent phallic joke.

Firewoman in fire protection suit

Seeing others share the article with their own little joke poking fun at the headline, I figured I should check the comments to see what was there. I'm so glad I did.

Did they think about that before they said it? And then after they wrote it down did they think about what it sounded like? After 35 years of marriage he's hanging up his hose

Someone squeeze this into the comments;

Excellent article title

A few people questioned the headline,

That's how you have to say it?

There were a few more marriage jokes in there and a good one from one of the ladies,

LOL You said HOSE.

All jokes aside, congratulations Chief Hyer, thank you for your service.

Check out the story, his retirement party details, and all the comments here.

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