I would imagine it's pretty cool to send a letter off to the world's most powerful man and not only receive a response, but a check too.

That's what happened to an 11 year old girl named Lisa. In 1986, Lisa decided she wanted to do something to help the homeless in her area. Lisa figured a great way to raise money would be to participate in a walk-a-thon, and that the president of the United States of America would be a perfect person to ask to sponsor her. Her family really didn't figure that the president would reply (he was kind of busy), but thought it was worth a shot.

According to the article at Fox News, written by Joshua Rhett Miller, Reagan not only replied, but he made a financial contribution:

“Dear Lisa, I am very proud to sponsor you in the walkathon,” Reagan replied on White House letterhead on Aug. 26, 1986. “Thank you for asking. I know you’ll walk the seven miles and the enclosed is to help the cause you are serving. God bless you. Ronald Reagan.”

President Reagan included a check for $50.00, from his personal Bank of America account. Lisa, however, never sent in the check.

The now adult woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, never sent the check to the San Fernando Board of Realtors, which sponsored the Sept. 27, 1986, event. Instead, her parents replaced the Gipper's contribution with cash and kept the check for posterity.

According to Nathan Raab, VP of the Raab Collection, the letter from the 40th president, along with the check are up for sale.

“This little-known episode in Reagan's life shows the kind of man he was and is a testament to his character,” Raab told FoxNews.com. “He cared enough that when he received a letter and request from a young child, the president devoted not only his valuable time as president, but also his personal funds to her.”

A search of public records and other private outlets have not revealed additional checks signed directly by Reagan, Raab said, making the discovery truly unique and historically important.

“You almost never seen letters of presidents to children,” Raab told FoxNews.com. “The piece is a great rarity, and also evocative of Reagan the man and Reagan the President.”

The current asking price is $20,000.00. Interested? Click here for more.

Here's a look at President Reagan having a little fun:

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