A local woman pens a letter to our radio station looking to thank good Samaritans that rescued her and her daughter yesterday.

Yesterday, the driving conditions were absolutely treacherous. Freezing rain and snow fell from the sky in huge quantities making travel conditions extremely hazardous and in some areas, completely impossible.

A woman by the name of Tiffany Alexander, originally from Rockford but now residing in Machesney Park, sent Townsquare Media an email expressing how she and her daughter were traveling home last night during the terrible weather.

local woman pens thank you note to good Samaritans
Courtesy of Tiffany Alexander

Thanks to a few good Samaritans, her and her daughter were able to arrive safely at home. The letter read:

Good Morning,

I'm sending this email because I really don't know how else to go about a situation like this. I would like to recognize and thank a couple of good Samaritans that helped my 10-year-old daughter and I last night. We were trying to drive home around 9:30 p.m. on 9th Street where it turns into the junction between the Whitman Street Bridge and the Loves Park exits.

I hit some black ice, spun around two times and ended up stuck sideways in the middle of the road. We could see on-coming traffic and my daughter was really scared. I tried to rock my car back and forth for a couple of minutes to get us unstuck.

All of the sudden, a young man appeared out of nowhere. He had a shaggy hair cut, and gauged out ears with orange plugs in them. He didn't seem to be wearing a winter coat and he had no gloves on either. He stood in the middle of the road , in knee to hip high snow, pushing my car back and forth, trying to rock us loose. A couple of other guys ended up stopping to help him get us out of that precarious situation.
In the midst of the chaos, I was unable to get their names, or to thank them properly. Is there anything you can do to recognize these men? Or, can you point me in the correct direction to someone who can help me?
I really appreciate it! I just want to show the world that there are still GOOD people out there and that the news doesn't have to be negative all the time.
Thank you!



This letter made me smile ear to ear. I'm so thankful that Tiffany and her daughter were able to return safely to their home.

I'm thankful for the good in this world and for the wonderful people who helped Tiffany and her daughter get out of the terrible position they were in.

Were you one of the young men that helped Tiffany and her daughter last night?

If so, myself, Townsquare Media and Tiffany would like to sincerely thank you.

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