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To All Our Vets on Veterans Day 2016, Thank You!
Veterans Day, for me, always brings on memories of my dad, Jake. Jake was a decorated WWII veteran, and my hero. He was generally quiet about his military service, describing what he did during World War II as "just doing my part, like everybody else did." I asked him once, on Veterans Day, if there was anything special that he would like, or if there was there anything I could do for hi
Share A Coke Commercial Packs Emotional Wallop
The "Share a Coke" campaign, in which Coca-Cola replaces their famous logo with different names has been a marked success for the beverage company. This ad from the Philippines keys in on the idea of saying thanks to people you may encounter every day...
Born to Raise Barns!
A few weeks ago, we shared a story with you about Jeffrey and Pamela Stinson, who live near Richville, New York. Jeffrey and Pamela did a very good thing, and for that, a whole community is thanking them in a rather unusual way. In August, two young Amish girls, 7 and 12 years old, were abducted from their family farm, held for a day, then freed...