A few weeks ago, we shared a story with you about Jeffrey and Pamela Stinson, who live near Richville, New York.

Jeffrey and Pamela did a very good thing, and for that, a whole community is thanking them in a rather unusual way.

In August, two young Amish girls, 7 and 12 years old, were abducted from their family farm, held for a day, then freed. The girls wandered looking for help, and found themselves on the Stinson's front porch. Jeffrey and Pamela then took the girls home to their family.

The couple who abducted the girls were caught and arrested, and, as you might imagine, the girls' families were overjoyed at their return. The story, however, doesn't end there.

As a way of showing their immense gratitude, those families, along with the rest of their Amish community, are going to build a new garage for the Stinson family. The Stinson's previous garage burned down recently while the couple was on vacation.

The Stinsons tried to decline the offer of a new custom-built garage, saying they just did what they thought was right.

The Amish community, however, was undeterred. After insisting that the Stinsons accept their offer, Jeffrey and Pamela had little choice. They're getting a new garage.

I couldn't find any footage of an Amish garage-raising, but I did find this awesome bit of time-lapse footage:

This work was done in just over 10 hours. Wow.