Simply put, my heart is very heavy this morning after learning that one of Rockford's biggest animal advocates, and my friend, Donna Apgar, lost her long-term battle with cancer yesterday.

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If you've listened to Q98.5 for several years, you know who Donna Apgar is. For over a decade we were blessed to have Donna walk through our studio doors every Wednesday along with a Pet of the Week from Winnebago County Animal Services. She introduced us to hundreds of animals we fell in love with, made us laugh, razzed JB for being an idiot and not liking cats, taught us so many important things about owning a pet, and most importantly, she saved HUNDREDS of animals lives. Last winter Donna Apgar retired, and now my heart hurts that damn cancer robbed her of enjoying this well-deserved retirement.

Donna Apgar via Facebook
Donna Apgar via Facebook

During my years of friendship with Donna, we also shared tears over the loss of beloved pets, so today I find comfort knowing that Donna has finally been reunited with all her lost furry loves at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rockford, Let's Step Up to Honor Donna Apgar

In times of sorrow, I feel saying "I'm so very sorry for your loss", "or your family is in my thoughts and prayers", is just not enough. I feel actions speak louder than words, so I'm asking you to help me honor Donna's legacy of furry love by making a donation to Winnebago County Animal Services today. Whether it be a monetary, food, or supply donation, I know your generosity would make Donna smile, and it is greatly needed.

Donna, I really wish I could put into words how much I enjoyed having you in my life. I wish I could fully express just how much you did for animals in need in the Rockford area. I really, really wish you would of had more time. Rest easy my friend, and please give my Rudy and Chloe a kiss from me until we meet again.


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