Any way you want to look at it, the Rockford area, along with the entire Midwest, is in the deep freeze. What's more, it's going to get colder before we even sniff warmer air. We may be losing our body heat, but many are keeping their sense of humor.

We're looking for a high temperature today of about 13 degrees. We'll shoot all the way up to 14 tomorrow, but Saturday's high will be 3. Sunday we may see 10 degrees, but New Years Day will only hit 5 or 6 degrees. As a matter of fact, we may not reach 20 degrees for more than a week.

Sure, you could wallow (while shivering) in depression--or you could try to keep your spirits (if not your core temperature) up with some cold related posts on social media using the hashtag ItsSoCold:

There's always one in every crowd...


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