David Ross helped the Cubs win a World Series and became a folk hero in the process. The next stop? The ballroom floor of course. 

NOTE: I don't watch Dancing With The Stars. All I know is what I've heard second hand through the internet. 

There's a website out there called Bovada.lv. It's an offshore gambling site that let's you  I've heard offers action on anything under the sun. They'll let you bet on political events, dog shows, and even reality shows.

If I'm running that site there's no way I offer up odds on this season of DWTS. Grandpa Rossy is a winner that will flat out dominate the competition.

Honestly the only competition that concerns me in the slightest is this guy:

That's only if he wears the jewelry for every dance. Those gold chains are to Mr. T what hair was to Samson.

#TsandPs to everyone else in the contest, you're destined to become a footnote in DWTS history.

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