GiGi's Playhouse is asking you to save your plastic caps, you know the ones from water and pop bottles, laundry detergent, mayo, prescriptions, peanut butter jars, etc.


Their Marvelous Mondays group has found a company that can turn these plastic caps into a bench.

They have now made it their goal to get a GiGi's bench!

I recently helped another local group, Parkview Pride Leo Club, achieve their goal of collecting enough caps for a bench at Rockford College.

Since I've been collecting plastic caps since November 2017, I know they're going to need about 300-600 pounds or more of these plastic caps to reach their goal of getting a bench.

I love this idea for so many reasons, here's a couple:

  • We get to keep plastic out of the landfills
  • This group will get to see their goal achieved
  • They're trying to create something creative and usable for the community
  • I'm able to get my daughter involved. She's been collecting caps from everywhere she can, including saving the tops from her Go-Go Squeeze in her lunchbox.

It's really easy to get into the habit of saving too. We just kept a gallon size ziplock on top of the fridge and would just put collect them in there.

Once you have a good amount, you can drop them at GiGi's Playhouse 8801 N 2nd St. Machesney Park. Any questions on how you can help email:



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