This is such a cool concept.

An Illinois company found a way to take leftover paint and turn it into new colors that also provides jobs for those with special needs.

How many of you have a few cans of leftover paint in your basement or garage.

Yep, me too.

How cool is this. To take that paint where one: it can be recycled, two: made into a new color and three: creates jobs for people.

Enter Earth Paint from Wood Dale Illinois. Where they "every gallon tells a story." (WGN)

The company is one of the very few paint recycling places in the Midwest  that will take leftover paint and turn them into "new, luxurious latex paint comparable to high-end brands."

Not only is that unique in itself, but what makes this company special is that they give jobs to those with disabilities. For many of those employed with Earth Paint, this is their first real paying job. It gives them a sense of importance and pride working here.

The company says that the process to recycle the old paints into something new "is long and messy, but the end result is paint that's friendly for the Earth, and life-changing for those who make it. And at $18 a gallon, it costs a third of other brands."

Just reading that gives me the chills of how awesome it would be to be a part of this.

Honestly, for me and what I take a way from it is this; that everyone and everything has a purpose on this Earth.

To learn how you can either donate your leftover paint or how to purchase their paint, visit:

I don't know about you but this story just makes me smile and feel so good.





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