The Cubs success had at least one drawback, an influx of counterfeit tickets. Well Cubs brass has one way to fix that. Beginning this year you will no longer be able to download and print your tickets at home.

As the Cubs' train gained momentum last season, the franchise said they were seeing more and more fake tickets being turned away at the turn-style.

As of now the only two ways to get into the park will be with official tickets that are either mailed to you or picked up at will call or by using the Major League Baseball Ballpark smartphone app. It is currently unclear how people will access their tickets bought through StubHub, a sanctioned MLB venue for second hand tickets.

The Cubs say more information will be released when single game tickets go on sale Feb. 24.

I want to believe that the Cubs are only thinking of their fans in this move but the fact that they are actively steering people to their mobile app makes me think there maybe some other motives at play here.

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