We're all fired up around here for the Rockford Town Fair, presented by SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health. It starts today and runs through Sunday at Rockford Speedway, 9572 Forest Hills Road, in Loves Park. However, we're divided on what we love the most about the Town Fair. Some of us can't wait for the food, while others are grooving on the rides. If you're in the food camp, take a look at Rob's post on the culinary delights that await you. If a good time for you entails adrenaline-pumping rides, high-flying rides, or even the calmer ones, we've got you covered at the Rockford Town Fair.

Ride-lovers of all ages will love:

  • The Kids Cars
  • The Cuckoo Haus (even the name's fun)
  • The Giant Wheel
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • The Bear Affair
  • The Merry-go-Round
  • The Mardi Gras
  • The Himalaya
  • The Kite Flyer
  • The Remix
  • The Rockin Tug
  • The Starship
  • The State Fair Slide
  • The Tilt
  • The Yo-Yo
  • The Zero Gravity

You'd think with all that great food, rides, and outstanding entertainment it would be pretty expensive to attend the Rockford Town Fair. And, you'd be wrong, fortunately.

Admission to the Rockford Town Fair is $1. Free admission passes are available at participating Wendy’s locations.

Maybe after experiencing the thrilling rides waiting for you at the Rockford Town Fair, you'll be ready to go for the absolutely terrifying rides next:


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