You Could Get Paid $500 for Loving the Cubs…and Beer
If it's your goal to be the obsessive Chicago Cubs fan that everyone is talking about, and you plan on watching the games this weekend in the Chicago area, you could get paid big bucks just for having fun and drinking beer. What a cool gig, right?
Get Your Thrills on the Rides at the Rockford Town Fair
We're all fired up around here for the Rockford Town Fair, presented by SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health. It starts today and runs through Sunday at Rockford Speedway, 9572 Forest Hills Road, in Loves Park. However, we're divided on what we love the most about the To…
Geena Davis Organized a Rockford Peaches Reunion
It's almost been 25 years since "A League of Their Own' hit movie theatres, and Geena Davis, who famously played "Dottie Henson" in the movie, recently proved that some of her Rockford Peaches castmates still keep in touch and get together for a ball game every n…