We will definitely have Coach Daleo back on in the near future to share some more stories. 

Anyone that was around Rockford during the Lightning years is at least familiar with the name Chris Daleo.

He, along with Charlie Rosen and Mauro Panaggio, was one of the more prolific and successful coaches in the history of the Rockford Lightning.

I'm not alone when I say the Rockford Lightning was a big part of my childhood. My grandpa bought season tickets for their inaugural season in Rockford back in 1986 and the family had them until they finally left town in the mid-2000s. Section 116. Row J. Seats 9-12. I watched hundreds of players go through the Lightning system, while eating hundreds small bags of bridge mix from the candy table out on the concourse. I'm pretty sure I had never seen bridge mix before and thought it was a special thing just for Lightning games. I don't think I found out it was a regular thing until well after college.

Anyway, it was fun catching up with former coach Chris Daleo on this morning's show.

Coach Daleo is currently in Thailand coaching, among other teams, the men's national team. He's been over there for four years now and has been quite successful. Coach Daleo walks us down the path that led him to southeast Asia and what might be next.

Coach Daleo minces no words in voicing his disappointment in the demise of the Rockford Lightning and the organization's inability to join the G-League. Could Coach Daleo still be in the states if the organization had been able to stay in Rockford? He's not sure but hates the fact that he never was able to find out.

We could tell that Coach Daleo had a lot more on his mind that he wanted to share but we just didn't have enough time. We'll be sure to have him on again so he can speak his piece. Thanks for the time coach and we're already looking forward to next time.

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