This is pretty big news even if it isn't true. 

I was pretty young when the Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985 so I don't have many feelings about it. Those who are a bit older than me always say "Yeah, it was awesome but it's really too bad that Walter didn't get in the endzone."

You may remember that William "The Fridge" Perry was handed the ball late in the 3rd quarter and rumbled into the endzone to give the Bears a 44-3 lead. It was garbage time.

Many thought that it was just arrogance from Mike Ditka and the Bears but it might have been more than that.

Best case for Mike Ditka here is that McKinnon fabricated the story, in which case Ditka will probably have a decent case to sue the former WR for slander. Worst case for Da Coach is this is true and can be proven or at least corroborated with other people.

This would be worse than anything Pete Rose did while playing and managing with the Reds. Football isn't as sensitive to gambling as baseball is but this will definitely tarnish his legend even more than he has himself the past few decades.



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