Big news for anyone quoted Wayne and Garth all through high school. The dynamic duo are making an appearance on the big screen next month. 

The 1992 comedy is celebrating their 25th anniversary and celebrating by re-releasing the film to theaters with post-film roundtable discussions with the director and select cast members.

That's the good news. The bad news is that it's not coming to Rockford... yet. Right now the closest to town will be Elgin or Madison. Which aren't bad road trips if you have the time. There is a website you can go to to suggest a theater. I've already submitted Rockford 5 times. Do your part.

They did this with the movie Dusk Before Dawn a few months ago. I went to that and it was a great time. There was a little featurette with Tarantino before hand and it was just awesome seeing a great movie from my youth on the big screen again.

Here's hoping we can get it to town. If not I'll be making a road trip. I already have the Super Rope of licorice installed on the roof of my car.

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