The forecast for this Labor Day weekend in the Stateline area is looking mighty fine, so I think we are obligated to make the most of it! With highs expected in the upper 70's this weekend, pool/water fun may not be on the agenda, Rockford's annual Labor Day parade has been canceled again, so what are you gonna do to have some fun?

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If you have kids or just a strong appreciation for trains, I highly suggest hopping on board a special nighttime train ride at the Illinois Railway Museum this weekend!

Labor Day Weekend Events at Illinois Railway Museum

This Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th, Illinois Railway Museum will be firing up one of their steam trains, the Nebraska Zephyr, for a special nighttime experience that only happens a couple of times a year. Illinois Railway Museum's website describes the experience as;

a different, more immersive experience. Riding trains at night is very different than during the day and nighttime operations in previous years have provided a thrilling "time machine" experience to visitors. The museum's restored neon signs will be lit up and visitors will be able to see things not usually encountered during the day, like kerosene lanterns and headlights on all the trains.

It's probably smart to buy tickets in advance, which you can do now, here.

FYI, Illinois Railway Museum will also be open during the day, including Labor Day Monday, so your family will have a great time whenever your choose to go.

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