As if dealing with "The Winter That Wouldn't Die" weren't enough, we've now entered that time of year when potholes multiply quicker than rabbits.

I'm pretty sure you've experienced the shock, frustration, and anger associated with the unexpected bone-jarring jolt of a Rockford pothole--if not, just wait, you will.

However, the relatively-decent weather we got a taste of on Friday did allow crews from the City of Rockford to get out and start fighting back by filling some of the more egregious potholes on North Mulford, Ridge, Riverside, South Alpine, Newburg, and Charles.

The city will be taking advantage of every break we get in the weather to address the ongoing problem moving forward toward Spring.

Here's hoping they get to your particular area before you snap an axle.

Speaking of, take a look at the fun other people from around the world have with their local potholes (Warning: Some language is definitely graphic and NSFW):

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