Rockford's own Fred Van Vleet has had a pretty good couple of months. 

The Raptor bench player has become a significant weapon for Toronto as they've increased their NBA Finals lead over the Warriors to 3-1. Fred took a nasty elbow to the face in Game 4 that left him bloodied on the floor.

The elbow to the face required a couple of stitches and knocked out a tooth. Fred jokingly said that if being Canadian meant losing teeth (hockey reference) he was alright with being a foreigner.

Then Fred posted on Instagram that he needed to get his mouth fixed. That's when Canada's favorite son, Drake, swept in to offer some free medical care.


Not sure if that even makes sense. I don't really know how the free health care system works up there. Are you just allowed to use it as a foreigner? Is any of that legal?

Either way, Fred's got a new smile and new friends. Only one question left. Can Fred convince Drake to come perform at City Market this summer? At this point Fred can probably pull that off as well.

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