Not only did the Hanley Furniture building fire cost local businesses money, hard work, and dreams - it could also cost the city a lot of money, too.

Rockford is still dealing the Hanley Furniture Co. fire that has left local businesses to try to rebuild their dreams. Now we're learning the fire could cost the city of Rockford a ton of money. Rockford's Public Works Department told WREX repair to sidewalks, streetlights, and vaults under the burned building will cost $25,000. But the cost could be 20 times more than expected when it's all said and done.

Hanley Furniture Co. Building Destroyed
Rockford Fire Dept. via Instagram

In a comment to WREX, 4th Ward Alderman Kevin Frost said it could cost the city a whole lot more than $25,000.

"I'm hopeful that the city won't have to take the $500,000 on the chin and can get reimbursed for all the costs associated with the fire."

Kudos to city leaders for making quick decisions in removing the eyesore and getting the property ready for redevelopment sooner rather than later. The question remains, who should be financially responsible for the cleanup?


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