The literal billion dollar question surrounding the Bears' organization at the moment is who is going to be the next person in charge.

The Bears currently find themselves without a head coach or general manager. Possibly the only thing the Bears have done right recently is clean house (although a few more firings would have made Bear fans happier, looking at you Ted Phillips) and the thoroughness of the interview process has, at least on the surface, been impressive.

There aren't many people looking for jobs in the NFL that the Bears haven't contacted or officially interviewed.

And that's not even the complete list of people they've reached out to. This phone call to Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was reported, but I'm sure there were many other calls to "check the temperature" of other candidates.

The list of who might be filling major roles at Halas Hall is long but there is one name that isn't on there that the Bears would probably never consider but absolutely should. And that's former Bear great Peanut Tillman.

I don't know if Charles wants the job but he did Tweet this out earlier this week:

This can be read a few ways.

Is Charles just publicly questioning the resumes of the potential general managers being interviewed or is this him tacitly throwing his hat into the ring?

There are FAR worse candidates that could be the future GM for the Bears than Tillman.

Tillman is universally liked, I have worked with him before and seeing him interact with people is amazing. You can tell that he's a kind, patient man that commands respect and accountability without having to say so.

He also has been busy since his retirement challenging himself and accomplishing quite a bit.

He has always been interested in joining law enforcement. He would train with the police while he was playing and recently gained qualification to enroll in the FBI Training Academy.

He is very active in charitable organizations and in 2019, Tillman built and rowed a boat across Lake Michigan, despite never building a boat before and not being a strong swimmer. He raised $200,000 for childhood cancer.

Tillman gets done what he puts his mind to. That used to be separating footballs from offensive players, and now it seems to be whatever he decides to do.

His name is one of the longest of shots to land the position but it would be exactly the shot in the arm this franchise needs AND it would make an increasingly weary fan base trust them a little bit more.

Anyway, the main reason I wrote this post was so I could share some Peanut Tillman highlights. They're awesome. Enjoy below.

I just noticed that the NFL won't let me share this. Just search Peanut Tillman on Youtube and watch the second video.

The good news for any new GM the Bears hire is that it looks like the Bears are set at quarterback, unlike the situation under center the last 15 years.

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