Our friend Scott Williams, Burpee Museum of Natural History's resident dinosaur expert (actually, his title is Director of Science and Exhibits, but dinosaur expert just sounds cooler--and he is a dinosaur expert) stopped by the WROK studios this morning to talk "PaleoFest 2017."

This Saturday and Sunday, PaleoFest is back to celebrate 19 years of fun with fossils and dinosaurs. For an event like this to keep growing and gaining popularity, you know that they're doing something right at Burpee.

Whether you're an adult or a kid, there will be something to grab your interest at this year's PaleoFest, especially the talk that will be given by PaleoFest's keynote speaker, Matthew C. Lamanna Ph.D., Carnegie Museum of Natural History. His topic for the evening is "From Egypt to Antarctica: Discovering Extraordinary New Dinosaurs in the Southern Continents."

So, whatever your level of fossil or dino interest might be, Burpee will have a speaker and/or activity for you.

How quickly do you think you could put together a complete dinosaur skeleton?

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