A few weeks ago, the internet and social media went wild about a fight in a Las Vegas McDonald's. Now the brawl in Dekalb is getting lots of clicks.

Now comes word that the video has helped Dekalb Police charge the instigator and her boyfriend with battery, according to the Daily Chronicle.

In the video of the July 3 incident at 805 W. Lincoln Highway, an off-duty employee, Jillian L. Tucker, 24, is seen grappling and pulling hair with another employee behind the counter and slamming into equipment, as well as another employee trying to keep the off-duty worker’s boyfriend, Corey D. Campbell, 30, away from the fight.

The boyfriend, however, tosses her aside and joins the fray before, seconds later, he and his girlfriend exit the kitchen. All the while, all parties involved are yelling and swearing at each other as customers and other employees look on.

The fight happened at 10:13 a.m., DeKalb police Cmdr. Bob Redel said. The McDonald’s is right across the street from the police station.

Not the ideal location for a dust-up, but it happened anyway. Dekalb Police say they don't know who originally shot the video, but want people who capture video involving suspicious behavior or violence to come forward and share it with authorities.


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