Things are getting testy between the Brewers and Cubs. Now the teams' official Twitter accounts are getting into the fight. 

It all started with this tweet from what I'm guessing is a Brewers fan.

That lead to the Cubs Twitter account chiming in with a little sarcasm.

Funny? I'm on the fence. It's tongue in cheek snarkiness that you don't usually see from the Cubs front office but it was harmless. That was until the Brewers account felt the need to reply.

Alright, guys, we get it. Cub fans are a bunch of bandwagoners that know nothing about baseball. Wrigley is just a big party. This is an old trope that has some truth in it but it's been played out. It's the Jay Feeley gun joke with his daughter's prom date. May have been funny once, now it's just groan inducing.

This is when the Cubs got the body bag out and placed the Brewers inside.

That would have been a good comeback from a regular person but when you see it from a corporate account with the blue check mark, it adds a little something.

This is what happens when a second-rate organization goes up against the current gold standard of baseball franchises. Thanks for playing but now you need to go home.

Another reminder that it's good to be a Cubs fan.

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