A new player is coming to Wrigleyville.

ActionNetwork - “We want to build the biggest retail sportsbook in the country right in the heart of Wrigley, with an unrivaled experience, food and beverage, and the ability of a fan to go there pre-game, make bets, go to the game and sweat and come back and cash their tickets on the way out,” said Matt Kalish co-founder and president of DraftKings.

Draft Kings announced plans for their own stand-alone sportsbook, that will be located within blocks of Wrigley Field. The deal also includes a "full-on blitz" of advertising, including in-stadium and on the Marquee Network, the new television home of the Chicago Cubs.

Details other than that are scarce as of now.

Baseball, and all sports, are fully embracing this new world of sports gambling. A stark difference from just a few years ago when the thought of gambling was only whispered about in dark corners, never front and center, and never endorsed by the league itself.

Pete Rose is on line 3.


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