The decision to postpone the game came only hours before first pitch was scheduled. 

It's been a while since the Cardinals have actually played a baseball game.


Tonight's postponement will their 10th straight since an outbreak went through the Cardinal's locker room back in late July.

No decision has been made for Saturday or Sunday's game so the Cubs cannot travel back to Chicago yet but it doesn't seem like it would be any safer to play the rest of the series.

Scheduling for the Cardinals is going to get really tricky really fast. MLB was already trying to jam a 60-game season into 63 days and even with multiple double headers, it will be tough for them to get all their games in.

Will forfeits be in their future? We'll have to wait and see what commissioner Manfred has to say about it. If his track record is any indication, whatever he chooses to do, will probably be the wrong decision.


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