The 2020 MLB draft is officially over. 

Truncated because of the coronavirus, this year's draft was only 5 rounds long instead of the usual 40.

Did the Cubs have a good draft? Absolutely no one knows or will know for another 2 years minimum. What we can judge right now is what each draft pick tweeted out after they were selected by the club.

The official ranking of the Cub's 2020 draft class' initial tweet as a member of the organization is as follows:

1) Burl Carraway - LHP Dallas Baptist - 2nd round (51 overall)

Experts say that this lefty reliever might play for the big league team this season. He'll have fans if he does. He opens his initial tweet with deference and excitement and then spikes the ball with iconic hashtag #GoCubsGo. He's literally already speaking our language.

2) Ed Howard - SS Mount Carmel HS - 1st round (19 overall)

The hometown kid could be something special on the Northside. Chicago hasn't had a hometown athlete like this to root for since Rose was with the Bulls. Howard grew up a Sox fan so there's a little bit of an "inside joke" there. Short and sweet. Can't wait to see him play.

3) Jordan Nwogu - OF Michigan - 3rd round (88 overall)

Jordan Nwogu absolutely obliterated baseballs on an overachieving Michigan team. I don't know about his defense but he seems like a winner and like I said, he crushes. I like the fact that he didn't tweet anything himself but retweeted a friend that shared this pretty awesome story. Kid isn't thinking about himself, I like that.

4) Koen Moreno - RHP Panther Creek HS - 5th round (147 overall)

I don't know anything about Moreno. I know that I like his use of emojis. I don't like the phrase "Cubs nation" though. Not really a fan of [fill in the blank] nation.

5) Luke Little - LHP San Jacinto - 4th round (117 overall)

This is the only thing Luke has retweeted since he was drafted by the Cubs. Not a lot of personality of social media yet but that doesn't matter when you can throw this hard.

105 MPH.

If he brings that to Wrigley he can do whatever he wants on social media.


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