According to someone who KNOWS, there's a good chance he doesn't play for Green Bay next year. 

If there's anyone out there that can relate to Aaron Rodgers right now it's Brett Favre.

Both guys were Super Bowl winning QBs for the Packers and both were considered one of the best players of their respective eras. Favre ended his career playing for 3 different teams, including division rival Minnesota, before finally retiring.

The Packers just drafted QB Jordan Love and, according to the interview Brett Favre just did, that might not sit well with Rodgers. Favre doesn't go as far as to say that Rodgers will leave Green Bay, but he hints quite strongly that he's probably at least thinking about taking his services elsewhere.

So what about the Bears? Let's see what the Bears have:

  • Dominant defense - Check
  • Deep talented receiving corps - Check
  • Talented, multi-functional running back - Check
  • Creative head coach that wants to run an intricate offense - Check
  • Generational Quarterback to run the show - ......

Aaron Rodgers could be the key to a deep playoff run for the Bears. How would fans feel about that move? We'll have to wait and see.

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