This is a pretty cool tradition that the Illinois Congressman has started. 

Adam Kinzinger has been doing this for a few years and thinks it's even more important this year because of the pandemic. This year, the congressman's office would like you to help some veterans celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

From his press release:

This year has been a challenging one, to say the least, and our elserly population has been at greatest risk from the coronavirus. While the vaccine continues to be rolled out, we are lucky to have alternative ways of connecting with our veterans, honoring all those who have served and sacrificed to defend this great nation and the values we hold dear. Let's seize the opportunity we have to celebrate our veterans and recognize their unwavering dedication to our country and communities by sharing our thanks and good wishes this St. Patrick's Day.

A handwritten note can mean so much to these veterans, some of whom have no family or couldn't see them over the past few months due to coronavirus.

The St. Patrick's day greeting will be sent to the residents of the Danville VA in downstate Illinois and the Hines VA in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Mail any notes you'd like to send a veteran to Congressman Kinzinger's office at:

  • 628 Columbus Street, Suite 507
  • Ottawa IL 61350

The deadline to get your mail down to Ottawa is March 12 so you have about a week to get anything into the mail. The letters will be distributed immediately after they are cleared for safety precautions.


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